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Fundus Photography

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Fundus photography is an advanced digital retinal scan or photograph using the most cutting edge technology. By taking a digital fundus photo image of the back portion of the eye or the retina, our doctors can detect and monitor ocular health. The screening picture that is produced captures a clear view of the optic nerve, blood vessels, macula and fovea. These are used to detect potential health problems and are used to refer back to, so any changes in eye health can be monitored better in terms of continuity of care.

Fundus Photography
Advanced Retinal Scans

The doctors will use these photographs in the same way that a dentist uses x-rays. The photos enable the doctors to monitor and compare the internal health of your eyes from year to year. This test must be done to document the health of your eyes because it can change at any age and many times you will feel and see no symptoms.

Fundus photography is an advanced digital retinal scan using cutting edge technology to detect and monitor ocular health and detect potential health problems.